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We are Driya.

If you are a brand with a great story, or an exhibitor with an amazing showcase, or a design and advertising agency with coolest concepts, It all starts with you, and stops at us.

Driya derives it's name from Sanskrit word Indriya which means senses.

We believe, a great design does not just look good, it should appeal to all 5 senses. If you see a digital and physical world seamlessly merging in to each other, if you find a virtual world seeming real, if you come across a social media activity blended in audio visual experience and if you see memorable experiences that engage people with a brand, That's us.

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We are global.

With partners and customers in 4 continents, we serve the world. We have worked with most of the time zones. We have shipped our products and services very reliably all across the globe.

TURQUOISE template

We are strong together

Mayura Dolas

Director of Business Development

Mandar Kulkarni

Director of Technology

We are social